Mac startup grey screen spinning wheel

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If this happens, then the first step is to try rebooting with the Shift key held down at the startup chimes, to load your Mac in Safe Mode. Since it is the most convenient, using built-in options for recovery are the first to try; however, there may be times when OS X will not boot to the recovery partition, in which case alternative approaches will need to be used:. This approach is likely more thorough, since you can use any disk management tools on another Mac third-party ones included to help address the problem at hand:.

With this done, your Mac will now boot to this external drive, where you will see your internal one appear as a secondary volume.


This routine will not touch your personal data and account settings, and will simply replace all of your operating system files to ensure they are set up properly. If this does not work, or cannot be done, then your next option is to perform a clean install. Hopefully you have a full and recent backup of your files at this point, because doing this will erase all files on your hard drive.

If you do not have a backup, you can at least try using Target Disk mode to copy your user account folder from your old hard drive to another computer:. Note that this same routine for backing up your data can be done if you install OS X to an external drive.

Fix Apple logo spinning wheel not loading start up METHODE 2017!!! #apple #macbookpro

Once you have booted off of it, you can then copy the contents of the Users directory to the external boot drive or to another USB or Firewire drive of your choosing before restarting and performing the reinstallation of OS X. You need to check if your hard drive or SSD is causing the gray screen on your Mac.

MacBookPRO hangs forever on start up spinning wheel for every task - Mac OS

To confirm this, you need to run the Disk Utility. It will show if your start-up drive is having any issues. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to do so. Starting your Mac using Safe Boot will perform some common diagnostics to eliminate the gray screen of death and ensure that your Mac is running fine.

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It makes sure that all the minor glitches are excluded from the startup to run your Mac. This advanced software detects your corrupt Mac storage drive and helps you recover all the data. Follow these steps to perform data recovery on a Mac start-up disk badly corrupted and not bypassing the gray screen of death.

MacBookPRO hangs forever on start up... spinning wheel for every task...

Step 1. Step 2. Install Stellar Data Recovery Professional on the working Mac and perform advanced files recovery on the corrupt disk. Step 3. Recover all the data shown as recoverable in the interface of the software. Getting the Mac gray screen is troublesome, but there are methods to fix gray screen on Mac at your end.

Try out the methods listed above, in the given sequence.

How to Restart From Apple Gray Screen

These effective fixes will help you to get the Mac gray screen problem resolved in no time. Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar. He addresses data loss scenarios on a Mac. He intends to help people solve their macOS problems. Besides, Vishal prefers to read autobiographies, and his personal favorite is of Steve Jobs.

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View More. I did everything, I got a gray screen instantly, in the end, it asked me to restart and when it restarts and opens, it was stuck again on the apple logo and loading sign.

Before troubleshooting

Once you reset the SMC a lot of your setting are restored to factory defaults and your display problems may get solved. Release Shift key when login window shows. Data Recovery MacMaster Hidata. Reactions: zmp and amagichnich. Or you can simply replace it with a new one instead. That said, you might still need to free up even more space.

What should I do for that? Hello Eloisa, It may be several reasons behind this, So, as I described above in detail you can check all the points. But now, in brief, you can try some manual steps like disconnecting all external peripheral devices, can use disk utility to repair the disk, start mac using safe mode, reset PRAM. If all the manual steps do not work for you then you need to save your data first. You can use stellar data recovery professional for mac to recover your data if you find yourself in data loss situations.

I clicked the mac HD button and my computer came back to life! With Recovery Mode, you are able to fix MacBook stuck on the loading screen.

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Step 1. If after trying all the methods above, your Mac is still stuck so you will have to take your Mac to a local Apple Store to get it fixed. There could be a more intricate issue deep inside your Mac that should be handled by the professionals. You should get your Mac fixed for free if it is under warranty. FonePaw uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Click Privacy Policy to learn more. Got it! Product Multimedia. Data Recovery MacMaster Hidata. Reset your Mac's SMC 2.

Boot up your Mac in Safe Mode 4. Boot up your Mac in Recovery Mode 5.

How to fix common Mac startup problems [MacRx]

Boot up your Mac in Single-User Mode 6. Make a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple Store 1. Boot up your Mac in Safe Mode Safe Mode is designed to help users troubleshoot issues related to your startup disk.