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Fill a formula down into adjacent cells

Keyboard shortcut for autofill in Excel

Although it may just be quicker to double click. Depends on preference. Rachel Z Rachel Z 1. Assuming there is data in an adjacent column, I like to do the following assume the other column is adjacent to the left of the column to be filled : Select the cell where you wanted to double-click the fill handle. SpecialCells xlLastCell. Row, Selection. Row, ActiveCell.

How to Copy Dates Instead of Fill Series

Open the Insert Function Dialog Box. But what do they mean? Alt F1. How to quickly format numbers in Excel. Select the current region if the worksheet contains data. Note: This trick also works the other way, for transposing a horizontal block of cells into a vertical one.

Offset -1, 0. End xlToRight.

224 Excel keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac

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Get help on selected control. Open options. Alt F T.

Use Excel's Fill Down Command With Shortcut Keys

Open help. Undo last action. Ctrl Z. Redo last action.

Shortcut Keys for Excel in MAC

Ctrl Y. Repeat last action. Copy selected cells. Ctrl C. Cut selected cells.

go to site Ctrl X. Paste content from clipboard. Ctrl V. Display the Paste Special dialog box. Ctrl Alt V. Display find and replace. Ctrl F. Display find and replace, replace selected. Ctrl H.

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Find next match. Shift F4. Find previous match.

Flash Fill

Ctrl Shift F4. Create embedded chart. Alt F1. Create chart in new worksheet. Fn F Insert table.

Table of Contents:

Ctrl T. Toggle Autofilter. Ctrl Shift L. Activate filter. Select table row. Shift Space. Select table column. Ctrl Space. Select table. Ctrl A. Clear slicer filter. Alt C. Toggle table total row. Ctrl Shift T. Drag and cut. Drag and copy. Ctrl drag.

How to copy formatting down a column using the Fill Handle

Drag and insert. Shift drag. Drag and insert copy. Ctrl Shift drag. Drag to worksheet. Alt drag. Drag to duplicate worksheet. Move one cell right.

Excel video training

Use Excel's Fill Down Command With Shortcut Keys applies to Excel versions , , , , Excel Online, and Excel for Mac. Excel keyboard shortcuts for U.S. keyboard layout for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows 10 app, and Web.