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After those three days the old lady asks Cal to work permanently at the farm and Cal agrees again. Cal's Dad is very happy that his son finally got a job, but then he tells him that Cal has to go and visit Crilly instantly. They are having a cup of tea while watching the news, Cal takes a bath and then he walks down to Crilly's home. Crilly tells Cal that de has to give him a ride to the other side of town to get a gun and so they start at nine o clock pm to do their thing. Crilly and Cal get a gun, they drive to a store and within 2 or three minutes Crilly robs it and gets a bag full of money.

He offers Cal some for his effort, but Cal refuses to take it and so Crilly just throws it into Cal's lap. Instead of going to a pub they stop off at Skeffington's house, get a drink there and get to know Skeffingtons Dad, who is a very old and reserved man.

They count pounds and discuss who they should give the money to, who needs it the most. He detests killing people for any reason!

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Life there isn't easy for Cal. Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas is a love letter to all those who spend their festive season on the front line, removing babies and baubles from the various places they get stuck, at the most wonderful time of the year. Hollywood vs canada essay elizabeth renzetti argumentative essay censorship media meeting new people essay. One day Cal visits the library to get some new tapes, and when he enters he sees an attractive woman standing behind the counter. They go inside the house and Marcella tells him that she didn't really love Robert.

Cal starts working at the farm and he likes it better than the work at the abattoir, although he doesn't know a lot about farm- work. Cal's a little disappointed because he doesn't get to see Marcella. To overcome this situation he goes to her church the following Sunday, but unfortunately she isn't there.

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Cal doesn't give up and goes to the library one night and there he sees Marcella again and she is able to convince him to take out a book this time and not, as usual, tapes. When Cal returns his house is burning and his father is sitting in front of it crying. Shamie is very afraid that the police will find the gun and so Cal decides to search the house. Luckily he finds the gun and brings it to his father. Cal and Shamie aren't insured and so they have nothing left, but they hope that the government will compensate them for being attacked by protestants. Cal decides this night to disappear and stay in an old cottage near the farm.

He doesn't tell his father where he'll go, he just wants to be away. When he spends the first night in the cottage he thinks about that evening, when Crilly, the gang and he killed a police-man, who turned out to be Marcellas husband: After getting an alibi at a dance, they stole a car and Cal drove them to the Morton farmhouse.

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Crilly walked up to the door, rang the bell and shot Mr. Morton when he was opening the door. Cal heard Mr. After a few miles they set the stolen car on fire and Cal returned to the dance with shaking hands and white as chalk and tried to be seen for his alibi. Cal continues to live in the small cottage for a fortnight, without being able to take a bath, change his clothes or brush his teeth with toothpaste.

He feels very dirty and he's worried about his looks, because he starts to grow a black beard, and his teeth seem to feel yellow. Although he is brushing them with a mixture of ashes and salt, like his mother taught him. One night he sees a light in the Morton's farmhouse, and he realises that Marcella is going to take a bath.

He carefully creeps to the window and watches Marcella preparing for the bath. He gets to see a part of her naked body, and he feels very guilty that he is watching her without her permission, and therefore he walks back to the cottage. Cal lights a match to smoke a cigarette. All of a sudden somebody kicks the door open and it's terrible bright in the cottage. There is screaming and yelling and some men of the police yell at Cal and tell him that the Morton's called the police, because they saw the light in the cottage.

Cal explains everything to the Morton's, they tell him about their fear since Mr. Morton was killed, but in the end Marcella convinces her mother-in-law that Cal is allowed to live in the cottage. The next day he gets some old furniture from the farm and Marcella, her daughter Lucy and Cal are busy moving things around and they talk about everything and nothing. Morton was killed, but in the end Marcella convinces her mother-in-law that Cal is allowed to live in the cottage. The next day he gets some old furniture from the farm and Marcella, her daughter Lucy and Cal are busy moving things around and they talk about everything and nothing.

Cal gets second-hand clothes from Marcellas dead husband, she washes his clothes and at night he sits useless in his new home. Cal feels very safe from the outside world and thinks about the times, when his Mom was still alive until he falls asleep into a night filled with nightmares. The other night Marcella admits to Cal how much she dislikes seeing Mr.

Morton suffering, and how she needs to get out of the farm and how it isn't easy to live with Mrs. Morton and her Parkinson disease. Cal finds his Dad as a broken man, who is apathetic sitting in his chair crying and Cal tells Shamie to see a Doctor instantly.

Shamie agrees and tells Cal that Skeffington came one day to ask for him and that Crilly asks Shamie nearly every day if he knows where his son is. Cal's worried about his Dad and about those guys asking for him and again Cal doesn't tell his Dad where he lives. Marcella gives Cal a lift home and on their way they stop to get a drink in a bar and they get more familiar to each other.

Saturday they take a walk to collect blackberries, nearly like a small family, Lucy holding hands between her Mom and Cal. Cal feels like confessing his terrible sin to her, but in fear of loosing her sympathy, he remains silent with a bad feeling in his stomach.

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When they return to the farm all of a sudden they hear an explosion and fall down to the earth. Marcella and Lucy run home and Cal goes to see what happened, and he finds a half of a cow, which stepped on a mine, lying in the grass.

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In chapter 1 of Bernard Mac Laverty's Cal, we get our first information about the protagonist Cal McCluskey. The story takes place in Northern. Facharbeit: Cal von Bernhard Mac Laverty. Alles zu Bernard MacLaverty - Cal Chapter 1. Cal wants to see his father because he needs his cigarettes. Then he goes home to .. Zusammenfassung Kapitel 3 - Cal von Bernard Mac Laverty.

As they recognize that there is somebody in it they call the police. But later they can clear up the situation and the Mortons make Cal to a tendant of the cottage. So Cal has a short way to his work on the farm, a hiding-place and more opportunity to see Marcella.

CHAPTER 1 (p.7-34)

Cal lost almost everything by the burning attack so there is a lack in clothes too. Therefore Marcella gives him some clothes of her dead husband. Cal feels strange when he wears them because the clothes remind him of the terrible deed. During the day Cal forgets his guilt for the most time but at night when he is alone in the dark cottage he is tormented by his guilt and persuited by nightmares.


Nevertheless Cal spends more and more time with Marcella and gets closer to her. Marcella's mother-in-law is in Belfast for a week because there the old Mr. Mortonhas to have another operation on his lungs. Thus, Cal and Marcella are alone in the Mortons' house and they have the time to get to know each other more intimately. Marcella invites Cal to dinner and they have a nice evening together. For the first time Cal kisses Marcella.

At first Marcella does not know if she is allowed to love Cal but later her feelings are changing and they are spending nice days together. But the wonderful time goes by when Cal meets Crilly. Crilly and Skeffington want to blow up the library and they want Cal to help them. Just when they are planning their project at Crilly's home the police arrives. After a long chase Crilly and Skeffington are arrested by the police, Cal succeeds in escaping and goes back to the cottage. But a few days later the police finds Cal in the cottage and he is arrested. For the next six weeks Cal hardly sees Marcella, because the weather isn't too good and so he can't find an excuse for spending time with her, except on Halloween when they watch the fireworks in the sky.

The only time he sees Marcella is on Sundays, when they drive together to church. One week everybody, except Marcella, leaves for being with Mr.