Can you run battlefield 4 on mac

Battlefield 4 - MAC (I know, just hear me out)

Not saying the guys an idiot but people read one thing on a specs page and think it apply to all. Its possible windows is only using the integrated intel chip and not the geforce card - what is listed under display adapters in Device Manager? Passmark Relative Performance - A M is going to struggle big time with BF4, as tourgen said you're going to have to drop settings.

Hardware not found error is an odd one, try running something like 3DMark and comparing to other people with Pro's to make sure things are all running ship-shape. I recently purchased the brand new Mac 1st problem Book 2nd problem. A windows game, no, a cutting edge game, for a Mac laptop.

Re: Can Battlefield 4 run on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5?

That thing does not approach the recommended requirements. The high end 15'' Mac Book Pro Retina is a pretty powerful machine, but its not built for gaming. It could handle lighter games like Portal 2 or League of Legends well, but Battlefield 4's specs ask a lot out of a computer. Yeah, a M note the M , on paper, does not come close to the recommended spec.

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Not sure where you're getting that. BF4 is pretty much the latest and greatest, graphically. Common sense says don't expect that to run super well on any laptop, much less on one not gaming-focused. I'd assume BF4 would be no different.

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Maybe tweak the settings a bit. Jesus Christ. You could have bought a stationary with two Titans at that price.

go to site Apple-Not even Once For gaming. Are you sure it's using the m to run the game and not the Intel integrated graphics? NVidia tries to switch them on the fly when loading games but it doesn't always work. If you have the new Retina with the m and it doesn't run smoothly it is probably software related. Try making sure it's running off of the m and not an integrated chip. Yeah that sounds like it could be the problem. You should also try downloading GeForce Experience if you haven't already.

It'll automatically manage the right drivers for you.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you have luck on the drivers. Is their a config utility you can use to disable the integrated intel gfx? It's a Macbook Pro, not a laptop.

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My friend recently purchased battlefield 4 on his Mac, (OS X Lion ) I have been reading through other answers and forums but so far have not found a positive answer as to weather or not BF4 can run on a Mac successfully. Well basically, When you get bootcamp and then buy. My final request for all the PC users and experts, what do I have to do to run BF4 on a Mac, and please save me the troll comments I get it PC.

There are decent gaming Laptops out there, the Macbook Pro is not one of them. For the same money you can get gaming laptops with beefy high-end GPU's, of course they won't have a shiny Apple on them, but they will run games just fine. I tried to find proper BF4 benchmarks with those cards, the closest i could get was one that included a desktop ti.

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As you can see, the ti is almost twice as powerful as the m. Note that they are testing singleplayer, not the havoc that is 64 player multiplayer. In the same situation they are testing, you should be able to get about half the framerate that the ti gets with the same settings, thats an ideal situation though, that requires the rest of your computer to be as powerful as their testrig.

Can't expect much with the equivalent of a graphics card that cost about bucks in under the hood. If you want to play games on a laptop, you should at least buy a gaming laptop, with windows on it from the start, that thing would be meant to game on, and will have hardware to allow that. The hardware manufacturer made it for you to play games on.

Battlefield 4 - Download

Apple cant set up product skews that include powerful graphics cards, assuming people will buy them to run stuff like bootcamp, and then install windows, and then try to run crysis. I just picked up a MacBook Pro Retina with m as well. I'm having the same experience of terrible performance in BF4 non-beta. And yes I have the latest drivers, etc.

As for people saying MacBook Pros suck as gaming laptops, I totally disagree. I've been Windows gaming on MacBooks for the last 5 years, and they've often been my main gaming machine. Mac or Linux is almost a requirement for web developers like me, and the gaming power of MacBooks, so long as you get the top of the range ones with discrete graphics, are more then enough.

Sure you can't run all games at full settings, but many recent titles you can run at e. Anyways, since I suspect its a driver issue, we'll just have to wait it out until the drivers or maybe BF4 gets updated.

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Luckily I've got a gaming desktop in the meantime :. EDIT: It occurs to me a good way to check if it is indeed a driver issue is to see if other games run poorly. BF4 is the only game I've installed so far, so I'll install some others and check them. Sleeping Dogs runs fine on my old MacBook with m, so it should run a lot better on the m.

Did you check your power settings and made sure that the laptop is running at high performance and not balanced or power saver? Coming from a Mac fan: a MacBook Pro is an awful choice to play Battlefield, even the 15" retina with Nvidia card won't run it smoothly. I checked Sleeping Dogs. Especially since I was able to run the BF4 beta on my 2.

Found a solution on the internet, it totally worked out for me. The guy who posted this threat solved the problem hisself and theres a pdf file he posted with the solution. The whole process will just take a few moments. Battlefield 4 on a Macbook Pro Retina Enlisted: I've seen some videos, but i was wondering if there were any that Battlefield submitted 4 years ago by sgtfishlips.

Hey Guys, I know its an anathema in the gaming community to use a Mac, but that is what i am stuck with for work so I am wondering if the following Mac would be fast enough to run BF4 or BF3. I am just trying to be able to game while I am on the road. Hi guys, I have a hyge problem. Just bought the newest macbook pro the largest possible , installed windows 7 through bootcamp. Battlefield 4 just got launched, but when I get into the game.

I think I am going to purchase a Mac Pro 13 this weekend, but my budget is already stretched!