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How do I upgrade Office?

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Is it worth to upgrade from Office 2011 to 2016?

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Polska - Polski. Schweiz - Deutsch. Unlike the Windows version of Office, which receives 10 years of security support, those that run on macOS are allotted half that.

Microsoft has repeatedly classified Office for Mac as a consumer product to justify the half-measure, even for the edition labeled "Home and Business. Nor does Microsoft update and service Office for Mac for corporate customers as it does the far more popular Windows SKU stock-keeping unit.

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The latter will be upgraded with new features, Microsoft said in April, twice each year for enterprise subscribers to Office ProPlus, with each release supported for 18 months before giving way to a pair of successors. Mac editions, however, are refreshed with new tools at irregular intervals, often long after the same feature debuts in the same Windows application. And because there are no regular, large-scale feature upgrades to Office for Mac, support is not curtailed by the release schedule as with Windows.

The difference between Offices — the behemoth Windows on one side, the niche Mac on the other — has been put into even starker relief recently: Or if you are in school, you should be able to get a discounted one thru your bookstore. Most people say don't buy the Office anyway since there's no significant feature advantage over earlier versions.

I seem to recall Office for the Mac touted as more advanced than Windows Office I agree with Csound1. Past practice predicts that the next version for the Mac will be called Office Pardon the quote modification but until the Cloud and ubiquitous really fast internet connections, a Cloud based alternative wasn't possible.

How to Upgrade to Microsoft Office

Now that it is, the subscription model is likely a lot more profitable for MS since, instead of the user just missing out on a few new features in any eventual upgrade, the user is simply shut down if he doesn't pay up. Add to that the size of the installed Windows base vs Mac base, the fact that is cross-platform so that it's available to all right now! Feb 2, 9: Well, we'll just have to wait and see. There are still many without a, "really fast Internet connection.

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That's very true and I bet the vast majority of them are Windows users, hence Office in a box on the shelf at your local Staples. I've never been an Office for Mac user but I don't believe Mac users should be left behind just because there aren't as many of us, so I hope you're right and I'm wrong.

How to upgrade Microsoft Office for your Mac

But I wouldn't bet the dial-up farm on it either. Office has been available for 2 years, it has always been subscription based and worked with Office long before iCloud existed.

The current version includes Office , with the earlier version the customer needed to buy if they wanted local software that worked with Office Strangely Office for Mac is not on the supported list, but this is Microsoft so who's surprised they make a Windows version of Outlook that is compatible with iCloud and a Mac version that is not, go figure. One more thing-like the most of you i prefer iwork too but it doesn't support hebrew and i need it, and microsoft said ti the same man on the phone it'll support hebrew.

Now I wonder just what they were offering. Feb 2, You get exactly that, an online version of Office and a local one, they collaborate only in that the local version will open and save the online versions files, which is nothing new. Thanks for the clarification.

Microsoft tells some Mac Office users to pass on Apple's High Sierra

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