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It will literally make you shit your pants with the kind of scary content available to stream, which is perfect for those lazy nights with bae, after smoking up craving for some munchies and jump scares — so you get an excuse to cuddle up or be dramatic! With a regularly updated database of horror aficionados, you can feel assured to be so frightened that your heart will beat faster than a marathon runner!

Created by the same developers of PlayBox HD, this streaming platform works on both: Android and iOS devices, making it a viable alternative to the famous Popcorn Time. Though, you cannot download the app directly from the Google Play Store. You have the.

Top Voted Alternative to Popcorn Time

Subsequently, you can feel assured that streaming on the VoD service will not get you into legal hassles or caught in hefty DMCA fines, which can get quite stressful for users that do not enjoy strong financial backing. Listed as one of the most downloaded apps in entertainment on the Google Play Store, the Jio Cinema enjoys a strong reputation as the preferred choice for fulfilling your cheesy, desi cravings.

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You can download the app from the store directly or choose to stream titles from the main website too. It is also easy to use for oldies! As mentioned earlier, the Popcorn Time application is available on numerous domains, which offer their own version of the software, deriving from the original Github code. Among them includes the Popcorntime-Online. Tv that utilizes the same design and appearance as the Popcorn-time. The difference between the two is that where the. Even though the content is legally suspect, it works well on all iOS devices. Thanks to its beautiful UI and design, you can feel assured never to feel bored while on the platform.

Though the content aggregation still needs work, the software is still worth trying. Though you cannot find the app on the iTunes official store, there is a way for you to get it without jailbreaking your device.

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The process involves using the Cydia Impactor or vShare. The content aggregation is good too, and you have access to class movies all the way to recent releases. An official subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment, this option is best suited for those iOS users who do not want to get caught into legal hassles for streaming pirated movies. Crackle typically aggregates ad-supported video entertainment content from licensed production companies, which means everything you see in the watch list is safe to open and watch. It is a site dedicated to the world of animation but also offers users the ability to watch biographies of actors, filmographies, movie trailers, snippets, news, and more.

The listing of movies, anime, and TV shows are updated on a weekly basis, which means you can feel assured never to get bored! Reddit is a great community for getting answers to all your questions, regardless of how nasty or difficult they might be. It boasts a huge forum of Redditors, who are always willing to help out on a variety of topics, which includes Popcorn Time Alternatives.

Popcorn Time Alternatives Guide 2018 for Watching FREE Movies/TV Shows

Conducting a thorough research, we also took our alternative finding efforts to Reddit, and came across this useful thread below. The user gives a new solution by the name of xTorrent, which is perfect for streaming torrents, minus the hassle!

How to get Showbox Alternative for MAC and PC

Your hard work is appreciated greatly for investing time in creating these solutions, like the above PT alternatives, to get started with binging just by a click of a button. We also understand the risks many take to simply get their apps out there on the market, and if anything goes wrong — you will always have BestVPN. As for our audience, we hope the above guide proves resourceful.

Best 5 Popcorn Time Alternative for Mac

Popular Alternatives to Popcorn Time for Mac. Explore 23 Mac apps like Popcorn Time, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. Oct 18, Popular Alternatives to Popcorn Time for Mac. Explore 22 Mac apps like Popcorn Time, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user.

Hamza Shahid is a tech-geek, who adores creativity and innovation. The streamers can watch their favorite TV shows and movies in their preferred language. The app provides the subtitle feature in 15 different languages so you should be able to watch all your favorite content problem free. Through Rox Player, you can watch all video and audio files from your Windows devices. However, only Windows users can take maximum benefits from the services of Rox Player. Similar to other media players it rummages content through the vast abyss of BitTorrent. It is also worth mentioning that majority of streaming content available through Rox Player is copyright infringed, therefore using a VPN should be your absolute priority.

Therefore, watch your favorite content without the fear of being caught. Zona is a torrent streaming service that comes to us straight out of Russia.

Popcorn Time Alternatives for Windows

This service also offers similar content to stream and download just like Popcorn Time. Zona offers a very cool user interface, which you can also customize by using three of their default themes. You will not be able to use this program with any other operating system besides windows, which could be disappointing for some people. You can use Zona client to search, download or stream for movies, TVs shows, music, sports and more. However, one thing to keep in mind is that services like Zona utilize the BitTorrent protocol to share illegally obtained movies and music, therefore, using one without a VPN installed can be extremely risky for users.

Flixtor is one of those applications that just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Apps Like Popcorn Time – Best for Streaming HD Movies/TV Show

This application was developed rapidly during the time when Popcorn Time went down. This resulted in a pretty solid built application, which is capable of siphoning content like movies, music and TV shows from a variety of torrent sources. Since the content on Flixtor is pulled from torrent sources, using or sharing them is illegal by law. Therefore, use a VPN service to protect yourself from copyright enforcers. Movie and TV shows can be streamed either through the built-in media player or through the VLC media player.

Kodi is the most renowned media streaming service out there. Due to its popularity, it is also heavily monitored by the copyright holder and government agencies. Kodi is an open source streaming service, which makes use of add-ons and repos to stream movies, TV shows and all sorts of content through BitTorrent and various other sources on the internet. Not only a VPN will allow you to access more content on the web but also it will make you virtually invisible.

TV is a Netflix-like website that offers all the latest movies to stream and download. The user interface is also quite similar to Netflix, which make getting around the site very convenient.

4 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives – Stream Countless Movies & TV Shows!

Even though there are, no apparent torrent or magnet links visible on the website the content is pulled from various torrent sources. Most people might think YiFy holds the right to the movies it has on its website, however it is simply not the case. Therefore using a VPN in this situation is simply the smartest thing to do. Likewise, you can use an auto download option to stream TV shows and movies in a hassle-free manner. The users should also try its subtitle feature to enjoy viewing their favorite content in the desired language.

This Popcorn Time alternative is surely a treat for Mac users. However, it also supports platforms like windows. If you want to access the full library of Couch Potato, then you would need to use a VPN service as a lot of content is blocked due to geo restrictions. However, using one would not only expose you to more content but also protect you from the prying eyes of copyright holders. Firstly, you can explore a vast collection of movies, TV shows, and series, which are available through the BitTorrent protocol.

Yes, the BitTorrent protocol is infamous for sharing illegal files. However, if you are going to download or stream contents you should use the Showbox VPN to make yourself anonymous while streaming…. Likewise, you can start enjoying uninterrupted streaming of your preferred content just after completing the download. The app is compatible with all major platforms like Mac, iOS, and Blackberry.

TorrenTV is another great way of watching torrent files through its built-in torrent streaming media player. The files are siphoned from various peers from around the world. Moreover, users can stay updated on the progress of the download without any need of switching applications. This alternative of Popcorn Time supports a number of torrent clients like uTorrent, Vuze, and qBittorent among others.

But… Why Do You Need “Alternatives to Popcorn Time”?

Another hit application for Android users, Mobdro allows users to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, music videos, sports, and news on a single platform. Finding open-source applications like Popcorn Time is a tough ordeal for Mac users. To begin to start with your binge-watching, all you have to do is paste the link of the torrent on the WebTorrent desktop app for Linux, Windows, or Mac and then sit back and wait for the movie to stream. Therefore, it is highly advised that you use a VPN. Therefore using a VPN in this situation is simply the smartest thing to do. Among them includes the Popcorntime-Online.

If you are using the DuckieTV app, you get the subtitle feature in up to 15 different languages. There are very few media players that support a number of file extensions. The platform allows you to stream audio and video on a number of platforms. Plus, the site has a large repertoire of HD content.

The interface of Rox Player is clearly designed to be as simple as possible. It maximizes on everyday usage to create a welcome experience for returning users. But Rox Player is not the complete alternative for Popcorn Time. First off, you can only explore the full potential of the platform from a Windows device only.

Then, it might not always offer you your favorite shows the day after its release. If you can negotiate around these, you will manage to spend some great time on Rox Player. If Rox Player was more inclined toward Windows, here is something that supports both Windows and Mac. And it shows you movies and TV shows in high-quality formats. With the same ease, you can also go ahead and use an auto download option to download stuff while you are watching it on the website. There is a cool subtitle feature as well.