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How to enable Read Receipts in Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook (Quick Tip)

Then ur help really helped. I disconnected LAN, shutdown outlook, open outlook, delete the file and then my problem was resolved. Just wanted to thank you for the most elegant and simple method of deleting a too-long message from Outlook It works! Then quickly delete it!!!

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Hi Guys! I know of two ways. This has happened to me a few times. Delete then recreate your mail account and import your PST file back in. This is a pain to do but it works if nothing else will! It says sending message 1 of 7 when I have nothing in the outbox. Each day it keeps adding another message and it is dragging down my computer.

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If I cancel sending or disconnect network connection it is still there. So I went into message properties for that message and gave it an expiry time that had already passed. Then the message showed as an expired message. I was then immediately able to delete it. Then, with the network disconnected and the Work Offline box checked, I turned Outlook off, waited a couple of minutes, and turned it back on.

That did it—instant delete. BTW, the email had an 80mb attachment yikes! Tried all the above without success.

konnbu.xsrv.jp/cache/47-hydroxychloroquine-sulphate.php Then did the following:. How can I get my emails to send? I pulled the plug like you said and went offline and wait few minutes and guess what! I googled a few other places with NO luck and one of your low tech styles worked! Pulled the internet plug, deleted the thing and was done. What a relief! I do not want to delete it; I just want to know what to do in the future to make sure it sends at the selected time. I have no trouble doing this from other accounts on the same server.

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Now I am going to go take some Excedrin! Is there a fix to keep outbox from looping and sending the same email over and over again. I see several ways to delete it but, what is causing it and is there a fix. This has happend to me in outlook express and I went to outlook thinking this would cure it, but to no avail. I sure hope there is a fix. What if I remove the E-mail account from Outlook, reboot and add the E-mail account again? Any danger in doing that? Can someone advise on this? This worked like a charm. My outlook kept locking up trying to send a 65 meg file , but all I did was unplug my network and voila.

Many thanks! It worked!!!!!! Thanks for the help. The 72meg file hung outlook. I came to the conclusion that unpluging the network would get the file to stop sending so it could be deleted. Reading this solution gave me the confidence to unplug the cable. Even after closing outlook I need to stop the process in the task manager.

When outlook was restarted the problem email could be deleted from the outbox. Plugeed the network cable in and the rest of the pending emails were sent. Worked perfectly. Read the instruction. Reached down and pulled the wire directly out. Closed outlook. Let the PC figure out that it was immediately off line.

Reopened outlook while the PC is still off line. Opened the outbox and deleted that little troublesome e-mail. Plugged the network wire back in. All is well. I had been jacking with this for the last 5 days. All other fixes are just fudges compared to this! So simple, works a charm — you are a good man! I read the instruction and it seemed silly but I tried it and it fixed my problem first time, Thank you you are a wonderful and great find I plan to keep your details in my favourites.

I was having a terrible time with a stupid message stuck in the Outbox and your fix worked perfectly. Thanks so much. Although I read through everything on the page, it was easier for me to figure out your solution than some of the others. What a wonderful solution to such a stupid problem….

Thanks for the tip— fixed my problem. I closed my Outlook program.

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Without this information, I never would have thought to do that. Thanks so much for this simple and effective solution!! Thank you!!! Thank you so much, you really saved the day!!!!!!! I was lucky to utilize that small window of time you wrote about. Thank you!

Delete Read Receipts using MFCMAPI Video Tutorial

Override default port: Click this box, then change the default port number 25 to By default, Outlook always assigns port 25 to the outgoing mail server because that is the universally accepted default SMTP port. With Send All gone, the schedule will still run, but will only receive messages every 10 minutes and at startup. Your email address will not be published. But on my Mac with Office - I can read all 10 including the 2 Read receipts.

Right click and choose cancel. Then you can delete items stalling your outbox. Thank you. I first had to tell outlook to stop sending and recieving, but then it was easy to delete the message. Thanks a lot for the great help. But one small suggestion, instead or removing the cable, if we just disable the LAN under Network Connections would work………….. Well done Leo. You saved my marriage.

Outlook 2007 Inbox mail can not read for Read Receipt

Such a simple trick that works. We could do with a few more like you. You saved the day!! I have had my outlook locked up since June because of the two emails…. In Outlook do File-Work Offline. Close Outlook. Restart Outlook. It should start in offline mode. Try and delete it then….

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I disabled the LAN and it deleted right away…. Worked great! This was tremendously helpful and so easy. I will put ask-leo on my favourites list. I usually get really frustrated trying to follow poor instructions, but not this time. If I had followed MCFST help on their website I would have been deleting and rebuilding profiles, messing with the mail server, what a mess. I followed your simple instructions and in 10 seconds I had removed a 23 MG message that was stuck in the Outbox all week.

Then I just unchecked the work offline button, and all is right with the world. This is really helpful.