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There is a category called My Phrases to let you add your own. The button to add phrases is hard to find, check upper right of screen.

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All the phrases, including your own can be searched by keyword. An extended phrasebook is also offered as addon. You can listen to dictionary words and phrases using text 2 speech. I would like to see phonetic pronunciation in the future for when I'm in the library and don't have my headphones. I have this dictionary on both my computer and my iPhone.

I use it a lot since I am a beginning French speaker. But cross-links that take me to the french side from a definition on the english side would be very useful, especially for the verbs. That way when I want to find the french verb for "to come" I see that it is "venir".

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Now I have to search for "venir" to get the conjugation. A pain.

What's New French-English Dictionary for Mac [Download]: Software. Best Sellers Rank, #23, in Software (See Top in Software) #2, in Children's. It's hard to find a French dictionary app of the best French dictionary apps or.

It is not well thought out for the user in mind. Also, I have found many instances where a french word is given from the english side, but when I want to see the conjugation, I type it in and it is not on the french side. For instance search for french verbs for "to forget". You get "omettre". Now I want to see the conjugation of "omettre", only to find "omettre" is not in the french dictionary. I find this too often.

I do like that the verb conjugations are given for the french verbs. I have not shopped around for other french english dictionary apps, so for now I am stuck wiht this one. I must say that I do use it a lot though.

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I'm disappointed. Sure, it's a dictionary.

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But it doesn't even give plurals of nouns. It has a lot of verb conjugations, I'll give it that. The definitions are just lacking. In order to get all the information I need I still have to refer to Ultralingua's dictionary on my iPhone.

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Either back for another year at the same high school or college, or starting out a new stage of your life in a new school. Experience French immersion online! Camera search looks up words in the camera viewfinder and displays results in seconds. French-Italian Dictionary for Windows. Showing out of 5 reviews. Samuel just put in mediafire.

It does integrate with the German voice available as part of OS X, so it speaks the word to you in German, which is nice. I'd really like to have the ability to record my pronunciation of a word and then contrast that with the way it should be pronounced.

Before that, I'd like to have better coverage of nouns. Best French dictionary I could find in the app store. Very complete and easy to use. Being an offline tool is a key benefit. French English Dictionary with over , offline entries.

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Includes translations, usage examples, parts-of-speech and gender of French nouns. Compiled and updated by professional linguists.

Search on key word. Hear phrases pronounced in French or English. Add your own phrases to the phrasebook.

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Over 70 conjugations per verb, more than , in all. Text-to-speech pronunciation of all dictionary entries, translations, usage examples, phrases and verbs. Offline and higher quality online voices. Studies have shown that image association increases retention. The dictionary includes thousands of offline images for menu items, plants, animals, etc. When an image is available an icon will appear below usage examples.